Benefits And Pictures Of Glass Tile Backsplashes For Kitchens

Pictures of glass tile backsplashes can help you to understand what a transformation such an installation can bring about in your kitchen or bathroom. What are some of the benefits of installing glass tiles and why are home remodeling enthusiasts keen to experiment with this type of backsplash? A variety of free samples (click here) can even help to get your artistic juices flowing…

While there are many other tiling options available, including granite tiles, glass is in a class of its own. Granite is stylish and elegant and also comes in vast shading collections. However, due to the way mosaic and glass tiles reflect light, they will create a totally different kind of ambience in your kitchen or bathroom.

The Main Benefits Of Glass Tiles

  • One of the main benefits is that glass is a very resistant to bacterial growth, making it hygienic and highly suitable for use in a bathroom or kitchen. This also means that they are low-maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Glass resists moisture, so won’t absorb liquids. If you are looking for something that won’t stain, this may be one of your best options.
  • You will have access to an impressive variety, from small, colorful mosaic tiles to larger glass ‘bricks’.
  • Glass tiles can be used to create a feeling of spaciousness in a small bathroom or kitchen, due to the way light is reflected.
  • A glass tile installation doesn’t have to be expensive. If you can’t afford to do the whole bathroom or kitchen in glass, you can easily combine the tiles with lower-priced ceramic or porcelain ranges. Simply use the glass tiles as accent pieces or as a backsplash for example. Your supplier should be able to help you with design ideas in this regard.
  • Glass tiles are versatile and can be used indoors on floors, walls or countertops. You can also design a mural as a focal point, if you prefer. Mosaics are often used in outdoor entertainment areas or in a swimming pool or spa. If you want to use the tiles for a flooring installation, just make sure that they have been graded for this purpose.
  • The colors of glass tiles shouldn’t fade over time and they don’t show the same signs of wear as some of your other options. For instance, scratches won’t be as noticeable.
  • If used on a floor, you can choose tiles that won’t become slippery when wet.
  • These tiles are also resistant to thermal shock, meaning that they won’t be damaged by temperature fluctuations.
  • Glass tiles can be used in both residential and commercial settings.

Mosaic Optico Pristine Glass Tile Options

  • Blue shades include Concentration, Wavy, Dream, Universality, Vivacity, Freshness and Energy in 3/4″x3/4″
  • Green shades feature Spontaneity, Friendship and Hopeful in 3/4″x3/4″
  • Brown shades include Unity, Quiet, Evolution and Intuition in 3/4″x3/4″
  • Gray shades are available in Symphony and Tradition in 3/4″x3/4″
  • Whites come in Purity in 3/4″x3/4″

Optico is a range of semi-transparent mosaics that are sold on 12″x12″ sheets.

Why Folks Consider A Glass Tile Backsplash In Kitchens Or Bathrooms

  • The range of colors can give a boring, dull wall quite an amazing lift overnight
  • You can turn your backsplash into an eye-grabbing mural with your own individual design
  • This is a backsplash that will be super-easy to keep clean.
  • As it isn’t porous, it won’t be a stain-magnet over time
  • Providing that you do your prep work carefully, the backsplash will be very durable

So, how about creating your own colorful mosaic glass tile picture on a bathroom or kitchen wall?